How to progress in bodybuilding?

You want to make progress in bodybuilding and optimize your muscular development, you define and even your strength? Keep in mind these few basic tips that will help you improve quickly and consistently while staying motivated to never give up.
Set yourself short term goals and long-term
So you several purposes . Some you can reach more quickly (the short-term goals), others will ask you a continuous effort (the long-term goals). This is how your motivation will not drop. Of course, your goals should be realistic and achievable , lest your motivation fall.
Once you have set your goals, you will be able to set a clear timetable .
Respect your program
You set your goals and stopped your calendar. To move forward, it is imperative to follow a specific training program .
For efficiency, we recommend, before going to the room , to see the session you will do .
No sport without resting phases
You apply for your body muscles. But to capitalize on your efforts, do not forget, too, to relax ! Excessive training may stagnate or even decline. Worse, too tired body is much more conducive to injury, so the rest … forced. Of course, nobody wants to get there!
Change the order of exercises
By changing the order of exercises regularly and alternating with new moves, you surprise your muscles which must then produce a greater effort , which provides increased efficiency to your exercises. In addition, it avoids a routine that is not always good to stay motivated!

Muscle development and morphotypes

In order to optimize muscle development , it is important to know the pros and cons of genetic potential . This allows you to adapt your diet and training in order to create an optimal anabolic response.
Here is the definition of different morphotypes that will help you understand what category you fit. Therefore, you should follow the advice issued to promote a dry, rapid muscle development.
1. Ectomorph
The ectomorph is generally characterized by a lean physique and a very nervous system ac tive . The ectomorph also has to excellent levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline giving it a strong energy.
Relatively thin frame
Look tall and thin
Difficulty gaining weight (due to the strong nervous activity)
High energy
Shoulders and narrow basin
High metabolism (burning a lot of calories)
Low hormone production
Frequency of meals and nutritional needs
The ectomorph must eat 4-5 big meals (or gain gainer ) per day. More frequent meals in smaller quantities, will have the effect of raising the metabolism, and will be against-productive. It is better to “aggregate” caloric intake .
To promote muscle mass, the ectomorph will bring more calories than it spends .
At its energy distribution :
25% of caloric intake should be from protein
55% of caloric intake should be from carbohydrates
20% of caloric intake should be from fat
The ectomorph will consume gainer between meals and at bedtime, and creatine before and after training , to promote the creation of new muscle fibers. A vasodilator , the amino acids and a hormone stimulator can be added to create an optimal anabolic environment and promote the assimilation of nutrients.
The fat burners are of course not recommended for ectomorph. In addition, they must at all costs avoid skipping a snack (meal or gainer) to limit catabolic phases.
The ectomorph shall train that 2-3 times per week maximum but intensely . Too big load of training per week will not allow him adequate recovery necessary for muscle development. It will focus on heavy work (between 6 and 10 repetitions) with a long rest time between sets (2-3 minutes) and avoid aerobic work (such as running and every effort endurance).
2. Mesomorphic
The mesomorph has of excellent genetic strengths to gain muscle mass . Possessing good your hormonal ux and a well-regulated nervous system is the most prone to morphotype develop muscle mass easily .
Width of shoulders important
Athletic physique
Intermediary metabolism
Good rate of energy
Takes muscle and strength quickly
Stock moderately fat
Excellent response to all types of training
Frequency of meals and nutritional needs
The mesomorph will eat moderately 5-6 times a day . It will focus on complex carbohydrates compared to proteins and lipids.
Taken to promote lean mass, the liquid crystal will choose its carbohydrates .
At its energy distribution :
30% of the ingested calories must be derived proteins
55% of caloric intake should be from carbohydrates
15% of caloric intake should be from fat
The mesomorph will use protein powder like whey (and diffuse protein in the evening) or gainer intermediate between meals and after training . To supplement with amino acids and occasionally use a vasodilator allow rapid adaptation to a new type of workout and positively influence muscle anabolism of the liquid crystal.
Carrying heavy loads, the liquid crystal to a predisposition to injury if not strict on technique. It will consider doing stretching work for his joint and muscle flexibility .
Vary their workouts as possible will be key to muscle development of the liquid crystal. Meet all kinds of exercises, it will be faster results.
3. Endomorph
The endomorph has a slow metabolism , causing power cuts and a strong tendency to gain fat . General physical results in a round appearance, nevertheless providing him much power sportingly.
Strong wide basin
Relatively high level of fat
Force greater than the average
Heavy sleep
Thick frame
Stock fats easily
Slow metabolism
Frequency of meals and nutritional needs
The endomorph should eat 6-8 meals (or protein intake) per day. These meals are low in calories and fractionated during the day to raise metabolism. It will also minimize the consumption of sugars and bad fats , especially after 16h.
To promote muscle mass, the endomorph consume sources of lean protein accompanied by vegetables with complex carbohydrates only.
At its energy distribution :
45% of caloric intake should be from protein
35% of caloric intake should be from carbohydrates
20% of caloric intake should be from fat
The endomorph should use fast proteins or proteins diffuse poor in sugar and fat between meals and after training. Using a fat burner to force increased metabolism will allow him to refine, while providing more energy to train. A multivitamin specific for the sport will prevent all failures related to a strict diet.
Having a slow metabolism, endomorph should avoid making his last meal too late in the day (18h later), otherwise store the sur-plus energy into fat.
Aerobic exercises (that is to say, focus on endurance ) will be a priority for the endomorph. It will focus the light work (15 to 20 repetitions) with short rest periods between sets .
At the frequency of workouts, endomorph will train 4-5 times a week , forcing the metabolism to remain high.

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The mechanism of fat burning

To remove the fat , in order to achieve better muscle definition , or more commonly speaking for “dry” , it is important to have the right information. Do not follow stereotypes will save you time.
Each has its own metabolism . The latter shows the ability of our body to use energy as we provide through our diet. Thus, a high metabolism makes better use of ingested calories and fats installed for energy purposes (storage is avoided).
So what are the rules to boost metabolism and increase energy expenditure?
Rule # 1: Eat more (frequently) to lose weight more!
Whenever we eat, our metabolism speeds up . That is why it is preferable to 4-6 small meals a day instead of 2-3 more usual hearty meal. Indeed, splitting the daily energy intake makes nutrients more readily used by the body, avoiding the phenomenon of saturation .
Of course, all calories are not created equal and it will focus mainly proteins , but also complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats . A contribution in protein powder , 2-3 times a day, plus 2 snacks solids will help you achieve your daily goal.
Moreover, the protein promotes the development of lean body mass (muscle) , which automatically increases the daily caloric expenditure. The more a person is muscular, the more it will tend to naturally burn a greater amount of calories.
An intake CLA is also relevant as it increases the energy metabolism by preventing the adipocytes (fat cells) store fat.
Rule # 2: Potentiate muscular effort
Although a clearly physical activity (no matter which) elevates metabolism because muscles need energy to function. The bodybuilding is a sport particularly favorable because it involves heavy use of muscle glycogen.
During intense training, the glycogen stores are at their lowest tricking the body to use its fat stores for energy to create ATP (energy molecule).
To potentiate muscle power, and increase fat burning, it is quite advisable to combine his training a fat burner . The latter can also be used by people with no or little physical activity and still wishing to benefit from accelerated metabolism. Indeed, the fat burners allow SUPERCHARGE mitochondrial function, cell causing the transformation of fat into energy.

3 rules to gain muscle mass without gaining fat

The vast majority of people looking to either improve their muscle definition , or take mass . Although these two goals seem contradictory, it is actually quite possible to combine them. But how?

Rule # 1: Ingest sufficient calories

The goal is not to consume huge quantities of calories (which could lead to increased adipose tissue), or conversely to restrict (it does not build muscle with a small amount of nutrients). We must therefore strike a balance and focus on calorie intake in the first part of the day (waking up to 15h) and after training to refill glycogen stores .
To obtain an appropriate caloric intake, the intermediate gainer is the ideal solution. For example, the gainer Steel Mass Pro Revogenix laboratories, capable of raising its contribution in fast and slow proteins, complex carbohydrates and quality in adequate quantities. The immediate effect is to stimulate anabolism, countering the catabolic phase and avoid fat storage due to high insulin secretion. The intermediate Steel Mass Gainer Pro allows to create an optimal anabolic environment, promoting a dry muscle development.

Rule # 2: Intensify training

There is no secret to stimulate muscle hypertrophy, nothing beats an intensive training so that the body can use more nutrients provided (called synthesis). This is pushing the limits that the body adapts by building muscle (the phenomenon of overcompensation).
The creatine accompanied by a vasodilator , is an anabolic aid entirely appropriate for this intensification. Products like Kre-Alkalyn 1600 and the OxyPump HT will, in combination, increased performance and amplification of the phenomenon of congestion.
The ergogenic aid of these two products a profit on your workouts significantly, making them more productive and help mobilize fat so installed as an energy source, while stimulating muscle building.

Rule # 3: Make money the rest

Without a quality rest, the body remains in a catabolic state limiting muscle anabolism . To rebuild the damaged muscle fiber training, a significant amount of sleep is necessary. But it happens with the pace of modern life, it is difficult to have an adequate amount of sleep.
Using a hormone stimulator such as Testo HT allows a restful sleep and thus have more productive nights . In addition, the Testo HT capable of raising some hormone levels such as testosterone, anabolic hormone reference necessary for muscle mass.

“Home Back to blog on France 5

After France 2 and Direct 8, it is the turn of France to present 5 ” “as taught sports nutrition reference in its flagship program “Hello doctors” of 22 March entitled “Although their muscles.”
Our team was on set during live report in one of our stores, explained the role of dietary supplements as part of a toning and muscle development .

Top antioxidants: alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)

The alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant powerful because it is water soluble and fat soluble , meaning it protects cells in all situations. It fights against free radicals and also helps to regenerate other antioxidants. This has an effect on the quality of the skin, hair, but also on the quality of the muscular fiber and the body in general.
But the slowdown of cellular aging is not the only benefit of ALA. Indeed it also stimulates the activity of insulin and therefore the synthesis of nutrients to the muscles.

How to have perfect abs?

The abdominal muscles are located in the middle of the body, which extend from the thorax to the upper edge of the basin. Everyone should be concerned because they are among the most used muscles .
In fact, they are asked to perform the rotation and tilt , and play a vital role in the balance of the pelvis, posture, static spine .
For 8 abs (4 muscles symmetrically arranged: the rectus abdominis, external abdominal oblique, internal oblique abdominal, and transversus abdominis) are visible, the rate of body fat should be less than 10% in men and 15% women.
But how to have perfect abs?
For thick abs, choose the sets of 10-15 repetitions (ideally with a load). If instead you want to emphasize the definition of abdominal, do more than 20 repetitions.
Make slow and controlled movements smoothly to maximize the intensity of the contraction.
Know that it is not necessary to work on a large amplitude . A movement 30 ° from the horizontal is sufficient.
Keep the head in alignment of the cervical spine . If you want to put your hands behind your head, do not use them to help you make the move. You progresseriez slower and might even hurt you.
Never put your back on the floor in a series . Abdominal pressure should be continuous.
Do not forget to inspire during the descent and exhale vigorously back .

The best supplements for mass

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, it is not always easy to know what supplement to take to optimize muscle development. There are so many products and there are so many rules of interactions between these different products that can never be sure of making the right choice. We therefore offer you today a selection of 2 effective supplements that will guarantee an optimal result.
The Creatine plays a role in the energy supply to the muscle cells and muscle contraction. It improves Creatinemuscle performance in multiplying the power output and faster recovery, which has an immediate effect on the muscle load and therefore volumization.
3 The most efficient forms of creatine monohydrate, pyruvate and citrate . The combination of these three creatine, with different rates of assimilation, promotes optimum efficiency! Example of the CreAdvance Pro
4 capsules with a glass of water before your workout and 4 capsules with a glass of water after waking up on rest days.
Glutamine (+ BCAA + HMB)
The glutamine is essential for bodybuilding. Mainly, this supplement enhances muscle growth and promotes recovery. But there is plethora of other benefits for bodybuilders as prevention of overtraining and cramps, the BCAAe strengthening the immune system and even helps with digestion!
Ideally, choose a supplement glutamine and BCAA combining HMB to create maximum synergistic effect on muscle development. Example of use of BCAA HT : 4 scoops (11.5 g) 2 times a day. Before and after training, or morning and evening rest days. It is best to mix it with fruit juice rather than water.

There are many other supplements that will help you always gain more muscle mass. Also do not forget to supplement with a gainer or protein according to your body. The protein and carbohydrate intake is the basis of any muscle building program.

Building muscle for running

How to improve its performance in running? Here is a video that shows some exercises to perform outdoors, at home or in the gym.
To work the upper body , the first exercise concerns the arms involved in balancing the body and move forward . To strengthen these are pumps (complete or lap) to do. Also in the upper body, it is also important to work the abdominals in order not to crush his chest while running.
For the lower body , the exercise of the chair allows you to work the quadriceps (these are the muscles that carry the weight of the body).

The benefits of stretching for bodybuilding

Stretching after a workout is in particular to reduce the risk of injury, avoid pain, relax and optimize the flow of blood (which is important for recovery), and maintain flexibility . See in detail these points!
Limit the risks
Improving flexibility in decompressing the joints and relieving residual stress , stretching help reduce the risk of injury. Unfortunately, some people fail and yet the choice should be fast: 5 minutes of stretching or more weeks off fitness following an injury that could have been avoided?
In addition, stretching help reduce muscle pain .
The rule is that one should not practice stretching on a body part that hurts : this would result in further injury.
Improve its performance
Flexibility defines the flexibility of a muscle or joint, or the amplitude it is possible to give a movement without risking getting hurt. Flexibility can affect the entire body (this is called general flexibility ), one or more joints without movement on a given axis (we say ” static flexibility “), a movement made ​​quickly ( dynamic flexibility ), a movement maintained more long ( active flexibility ). So, working these different flexibility, stretching can increase range of motion, making them more effective!
Through better mobility of muscle fibers and stretching of muscle, stretching improves strength and mass. And yes, a more flexible muscle is a stronger muscle because more efficient!
Always in terms of efficiency, they also help to improve coordination and fluidity of movement . Better feeling in his body and muscles work bodybuilding becomes more accurate!
By improving blood circulation , the waste disposal that allow stretching promotes recovery .
When to stretch?
CreAdvance Pro 500gIt is recommended to stretch lightweight way after a workout and a little more powerful way (but gently to avoid breaking) days without weight . In addition, you can also take creatine CreAdvance Pro which helps eliminate lactic acid, which helps prevent soreness.