Learn the truth: common myths about belly fat loss

All gurus fitness models andmovie stars share a similar physical characteristic they all have a flat, firm stomach and abs! Yet for many of us, a flat stomach is just a dream. No matter how hard we try, we can not seem to get rid of that stubborn fat.

If you are frustrated by the lack of results so far, do not give up! Of course, what you have done so far is not working. So just better informed. To start, you just need to know what the best approach to pay that fat really is – exercise or dieting. This is probably the most misunderstood area of ​​loss of belly fat.
Let us look at the myths and the truth, then you can take some viable measures to achieve your goal of a belt skinnier box.

Here are the myths and the truth about losing belly fat:

Myth # 1: If you are an apple shape, you’re stuck with belly fat.

Truth: Belly fat is made ​​of fat called visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that lies deep beneath the skin, nestled around the organs. Because it is often found in large part around the belly, but is metabolically active, you will lose more fat in this area that you lose weight everywhere. This is true with 98% of people, whatever their form.

Myth # 2: do crunches will target belly fat and slim your waistline.

Truth: This is probably the biggest myth out there!

Unfortunately, the cracks do not touch the belly fat or give you six-pack abs by themselves. To slim your waistline, you must reduce your body fat percentage. Think about it. You can tighten your abs throughout the day, but if you have a thick covering of fat covering, you will never see your waist skinny size.

Fact: A flat stomach is accomplished by controlling your diet! A thinner body a slimmer waistline.

Myth # 3: If you want to lose weight (especially around your middle), you need to eliminate or reduce your intake of carbohydrates.

Truth: To lose fat, reduce your intake of carbohydrates refined . Continue to eat your vegetables and fruits, and sprouted grain or other carbohydrate complexes . Studies show that people who had a diet of complex carbohydrates, lots of healthy fruits and vegetables and low fat fish, poultry and yogurt lost more weight than those who ate no carbs.

Myth # 4: not all fats are created equal and should be largely eliminated for losing fat.

Truth: Monounsaturated fats are healthier than saturated or polyunsaturated fats. Avocados, nuts, olive oil and canola oils belonging to this list of healthy fats that can help you lose weight (as long as you do not overdo it and shot a bag of nuts per day.)

Now that you are familiar with the myths and the truth about losing belly fat, here’s another thing. There is much controversy about how you can better tell if you have too? Here’s a pretty solid rule. Measure your waist and check it against these guidelines. A woman with a 35 “waist and a man with 40″ size carries too much belly fat. Of course, the height is a factor here if you are a man 6′-8 “or a woman 4′-10″, you could be the exception.
Ultimately, there is a reason that celebrities and other high profile people have a skinny waist. They have access to the best trainers, nutritionists and health news updates. Learning the truth about losing belly fat, you can get the desired results, results too. Stick with it and good luck in your journey towards better health and fitness!

Circuit Training – to lose 10 pounds of fat per month

Are you still stuck on the marathon aerobics workout nonsense?


Imagine you lose 10 pounds of fat in a month? I’m not talking about weight loss, I mean fat loss (there is a difference), but you already knew that.

We’ll talk about circuit training. Read this entire article use the sample workout at the end and you’ll be on your way to lose about 2 pounds of fat per week. As long as you eat clean but it is also another article.

If you’ve fallen for the marathon aerobic workouts that burn fat fast lie do not feel bad. You, me and thousands of others also. But we finished with that now. Right?

* “What is Circuit Training? *

Circuit Training is a combination of high intensity exercise with strength training exercises, bodyweight exercises and kettlebell machine easy to follow, efficient and effective fat loss targeting, muscle building and fitness shaped heart-lung machine.
Circuit training keeps you moving in just allowing you to take minimal breaks between exercises. If you absolutely must rest (based on your fitness level), you can take 30 seconds and try again.

Circuit provides a huge boost to your metabolism more than usual cardio. Circuit training works because you are training to keep pushing your body aerobically and anaerobically.

* Circuit training services *

First, you train aerobically while adding strength. Since you are constantly progressing through the workout, you will keep your heart rate, get more out of it instead of foolishly logging all those miles on the treadmill.

Second, do weight training you will gain lean muscle. Higher metabolism equals gains in lean muscle mass. Higher metabolism in the loss of more fat.

Anyway, fast pace workouts, workouts loss fast and effective fat.

* Example of Circuit Training *

This workout consists of 5 exercises work up to six circuits. Do 10 repetitions of each exercise, then move to the next. Once you have completed all five, repeat the sequence.

Gradually increase your reps to 15-20 per year or add a circuit, it is intense, so start slowly.

1) Exercise mountain climbers A large body weight.

2) Pumps, you know may not be (most people do), but to really make the pumps properly and make the most of their Keep your elbows close to your body.

3) Squats. Dumbbells, body weight, kettlebell or dumbbell

4) Clean – Barbell, dumbbell or Kettlebell one of my personal favorites.

5) Burpees – old school squat thrusts

Make every 5 years – rest-(absolute beginner 90 to 120 seconds, you’ll have to judge that for yourself). Work to decrease your rest time.


Try the fitness trail to start your metabolism for faster fat loss.
Circuit Training is intense, do it twice a week should do that. Add 2-3 total weight training workout and 2 pounds of fat loss? It’s yours.

18 tips to lose weight successfully you

There are many tips weight losswill help you lose your weight more successfully. I tried to follow many of them. Some were really helpful, but some were not. Here are 18 tips that will help you lose your weight successfully.

1. Eat 5 or 6 small meals per day. Small frequent meals will reduce your appetite and help increase your metabolic rate throughout the day.
2. Eat your last meal before 08 in the evening to make sure your body has enough time to digest.

3. Reducing the size of your food containers. It will help you feel full faster.

4. Do not eat while watching TV. It will make you enjoy eating and forget to think about how much you ate.

5. Eat more fruits. But avoid eating fruits with high sugar levels.

6. Avoid fatty foods and sugar sweetened soda.

7. Eat less carbs. Looking for low-carb foods that help you lose weight faster.

8. Avoid fried foods. Cooking fat foods is the best way to reduce your calorie intake effectively.

9. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol will reduce your rate of metabolism.

10. Keep calorie foods away from your view, especially sweets, biscuits and snacks. It will reduce your need to eat the enemy of weight loss.

11. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. It will help balance your metabolism.

12. Get enough sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day. Lack of sleep will make you feel hungrier and make you eat more.

13. Try to do some exercise first thing every morning. It will help increase your metabolic rate during the day effectively.

14. Drinking green tea before exercise. It will help in burning fat.

15. Increasing your metabolism by walking instead of using the elevator as much as you can.

16. If you need to join a game, trying to focus on the conversation with the people, not the food.

17. Daily weighing your weight. It will measure your success and motivate your self to lose more weight.
18. Try to motivate your old photo when you were thin. Using Photoshop to help if you do not have everything.

Basic Tips for Weight Loss

Your weight is causing you too much load in your activitiesdaily? You want to lose fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle? These basic tips will help you achieve your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are many ways to lose weight. However, not all strategies that you find in magazines or products that you can buy on the market to help you lose your weight can be effective for you. In addition, it will cost a lot of money to continue to buy these products. Others also resort to crash diet to achieve their goal to lose weight. However, the crash diet is not a healthy practice and there are many disadvantages of using this strategy. One is that you have a hard time to continue this kind of long-term practice. There is also the danger or tend to eat more, so you will not be able to maintain it. With all these problems, it would be better to know some natural and organic ways to keep your food and lose your weight without putting your health at risk and spend too much money.
The most important thing to note for losing your weight is your diet. You should be especially what you eat and the frequency of your eating habits. Since most people like to eat delicious food, they sometimes forget that without the proper intervals can increase weight without knowing it. It is also important to remember that not all the delicious foods are healthy for our body. That’s why losing weight to eat natural organic foods. Avoid excessive consumption of processed foods or sugary drinks consumption. Also reduce your cravings for foods such as white bread, pasta and rice.

Exercise can also help you lose your weight and burn your fat. However, exercise can only help you increase your metabolic rate. This is the misconception of some people that they think that exercise is the secret to losing weight. This is why some keep exercising without practicing good diet. With this, no sound results can be obtained. Then, it is recommended to focus on your eating habits and just use exercise to strengthen your business lose weight.

In addition, there are also misconceptions eating low calorie. Some people think that eating low calorie can help reduce weight. The downside of the idea is that it will only put your body in starvation lead to muscle breakdown. Another thing is that your metabolism will also decrease. To correct this misunderstanding, it would be better for you to know what kind of calories you eat. There are calories that help increase your metabolic rate to help you burn your fat naturally. Examples of these are apples, peaches, etc.. and whole grains.
Your diet is very important to lose weight. Particular about what you eat and maintain the right intervals of your meal. Do not resort to crash diet. It will give you only opposite results. Focus and use natural ways to burn your fat.

Healthy Weight Loss – the effects of acid vs. alkaline foods on your weight and overall health

The body needs to have a balanced pH levelto promote health and functions of the normal system. Incidentally, the types of food that most people consume adds acidity and stored in the body fat.

Coffee, alcohol, corn, meat, beans, fish, poultry, coffee, eggs, yogurt and active cultures and most fermented foods and aged cheeses are examples of acidic foods that leave an acid residue in the body. When the body consumes too much acidic foods, toxins accumulate and the body tries to protect itself by storing fat cells. Therefore, too much acid causes disease and weight problems. Increasing alkaline foods in your diet, you can neutralize the effect of acid, reduce stored in the body fat and improve your weight.
pH or “potential hydrogen” is actually a rating system that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of a fluid. 7 is the neutral pH level. acidic pH value less than 7 means and values ​​greater than 7 indicate alkalinity. The body works best when the pH is slightly alkaline. Consuming more high-acid foods may jeopardize the pH of body fluids.

A classic symptom of pH imbalance is weight problem, either you become overweight or underweight. The food you eat greatly affects the pH level of the body. For someone who is used to the continental breakfast, processed foods and foods that are high in fat and sugar, it is more likely to become acidic. And deceleration and interrupt critical processes delay over-acidification of the body is to establish a nutritional balance between acidifying and alkaline forming foods in your diet.

Flushing off the acid and fat in the body is easier when you increase alkaline foods in your diet. If you are currently overweight, eating more alkaline foods can help compensated for rapid weight loss and long term. Nutritionists recommend at least 5 dishes of vegetables and green foods per day.

Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods. Examples of highly alkaline foods bananas, apples, pineapples, tomatoes, potatoes, mists, potatoes, celery, lettuce, cabbage, spinach and dandelion. In other words, all the vegetables and herbs are alkalizing. To ensure that your diet is alkaline, start balancing your diet. So how should it work?

First, be aware of your food choices. Start finding alternatives to high-acid foods. Preferring an alkaline diet and keep your body more alkaline, you can actually gain significant benefits such as increased energy and vitality. More importantly, it helps your body process fats, converting into energy instead of storing it as fat solid.
The optimal strategy for good health and healthy body is observing 50-80% alkaline foods daily diet. Enzymes and nutrients you get alkaline vegetables and fruits accelerate the rejuvenation of cells and provide the body with enzymes that are essential in building and maintaining health. After this meal style awakens the cells and frees the body of accumulated toxins.

How weight loss Possible based on the best fruit diet?

Are you using fruits in our diet forlose weight? Fruits are definitely your best friend when it comes to losing extra fat from your body. The low-calorie fruit helps satisfy sugar cravings and allows you to stay away from sweets and chocolates that are rich in calories. Apart from this, fruits play a vital role in weight loss programs because of the high water and fiber content. Eating fruits as snacks are considered a satisfactory alternative to other less healthy options.

Now the question arises, what are the best types of fruits that you can consider for a weight loss program? It is always advisable that you opt for fruits that are low in carbohydrates and calories. Banana is a fruit rich in carbohydrates. Apple is relatively poor contrast in carbohydrates and high in fiber such as pectin which promotes satiety. Pectin with its medicinal property helps reduce insulin levels and promotes weight loss. Consumption of apple every day is one of the best ways to keep a check on the fat. You can also take honeydew, cantaloupe, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries are low in calories.
Whole fresh fruits are considered ideal for weight loss rather than dried fruit or fruit juice. Juice or dried fruits are supposed to be rich in sugar content and thus contributes a lot of calories in the diet. A whole apple, has in turn contains about 70 calories, which is quite satisfying. Canned fruits are rich in syrup and it is always advisable that you stay away from these kinds of fruit. Read the manufacturer’s label containing nutritional information, while shopping is a must. Do not go for products that are artificial and have added sugar in them.

A healthy diet nutrition must incorporate apples in breakfast. You can take an apple as skimmed milk powder for breakfast. Deserts in your meal can be replaced with fruit to reduce extra calories. Certainly, you stay motivated as you count the calories you save by replacing your chocolate cake with a bowl full of fresh blueberries.
Weight loss is certainly possible with the incorporation of the right kinds of healthy and nutritious fruits in your diet.

How to develop a plan for effective weight loss

If you have trouble losing weight andnow, then you’ll need a plan to burn calories quickly you can lose weight and look you were supposed to. This article will give some of the best information about weight loss then you can get started today. No matter how much you want to lose, you can start making amazing progress today as you are dedicated.

Unlike many weight loss dieting different DCP, this method is simple and is based on scientific and medical facts that have been and will always be true about the human body and how to lose weight. But it is simple and you’ve probably heard before, you have to watch what you eat. There is no diet that will help you lose weight and keep it where you can eat whatever you want. It is not true, so let’s talk about the types of foods that you will wan to focus on the most.
Foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts (unsalted), complete foods and whole wheat bread will be the ones you want to get the most out of your meals. A little tip that you may not have heard before is that it is actually better to eat six small meals throughout each day rather than 3 as most people.

The reason for this is because the body needs a lot of energy and it will give you the momentum you need to be able to spend your day, go to work and still make it to the gym. This is true, to lose weight, you’ll have to practice and work on a regular basis. Daily exercise should be something you like, then find a way to do an activity that you do not have to force yourself to do.
Many people do things like listen to music when they go to the gym to get pumped up. Others use a variety of methods and exercise equipment mix it up, so it’s a little more fun. Be creative and think of ways to keep you healthy in the long term.

Weight loss tips to improve your appearance or your health

Trying to lose weight to improve your appearance orhealth? What ever your reasons for wanting to lose weight, you have the advantage of improving your appearance and improve your health if you lose it correctly. Here are some tips to get started.

Eating healthy is the best thing that you can lose weight. Losing weight and eating healthy go hand in hand because it really means attention to what you eat. How you eat is not as important as what you eat. So put your attention on the choice of good things to eat and how you eat.
Cut the sugar and salt is essential in improving your eating habits. Adding fruits and vegetables to your meals are important and they help to fill you up so you eat less at mealtime. Do not forget the water. Drinking plenty of water is a must as water helps you clean out the cells and fat burned.

A healthy diet is basically common sense, but if you do not know go online and find some healthy recipes. The library also has many good books on healthy meals, recipes and how to cook them. A healthy diet does not have to be boring.

Between meals if you are hungry snack on fruits or vegetables such as carrot sticks or celery. You can also eat smart little things like a boiled egg or half a turkey sandwich. Not puncture just choose wisely. There are a lot of good healthy snacks to choose from.

It is important to get off this weight regularly practice a sport. When you exercise you burn calories. If you are not currently train every day that I suggest you start slowly. Go to a gym and work are great, but walking around the block during your lunch break is also beneficial.

The key is to get a routine going. Understand when you have time to exercise and what kind of exercises you choose to do so. You could do a variety of exercises such as walking, swimming and going to the gym for example. You could stick to one or mix them.

At Start slowly but steadily build longer do you build endurance. Before you know exercise for 30 minutes is normal. Do not forget the water. Always moisturize, whether in direct sunlight or indoors, you will need to drink plenty of water during exercise.
Get a partner or friend to join you exercise is a good idea as you can motivate each other. There will be days when you or your partner may not want this walk or exercise, and this is where your buddy exercise will encourage you, or encourage you to it, get up and just do it. Having a partner also violates boredom. It will become easier and can actually enjoy the more you do.

Water intake for fat loss

Intake, this is a huge factor in losing weightand I’ll tell you why. The fat cells are not just a storage area of ​​energy, but they are also a place for your body to store toxins that did not get excreted quickly enough that could harm your system.

Your body is really smart in the way, if you start to burn a lot of fat you release a lot of toxins from your system from the fat cells because you are burning.
You mobilize fat and toxins that are in there together. If you have not taken adequate water your body will not want to dump more toxins in your system because it will poison. Besides I mean if you are dehydrated obviously you can not work hard and you will stop, but I think this is a major reason in my opinion is that it is the same as when you work very hard, if you can not toxins from your system unless it is overloading the system nerveuxQue you doing? You barf.

There is a lot of waste produced by exercise and toxins and other things that need to get out of your system. Your body is no longer self-preservation that is burning fat. He will take charge of that cleanse the body and get the condition before it moves on something like fat metabolism.

How do you make the amount of water you need? I want to move this issue and say that you really want to have to keep every day, trying to understand all these formulas, because it will drive you nuts.

Now if you want to know and figured out right down to the gram and ounce, all you need to do is Google “daily water intake for the asset or sportsman” or something else because I know how active you are and you will come up with a formula.

It is quite common that I can not remember what it is right now. But suffice it to say that if you drink a liter of water after your workouts and then a drink at every meal, you’ll be safe enough. Following this, the water quality issues too. There is fluoride in the water, it is chlorine in the water, more toxins that enter your system you get the thing you try to ingest to excrete toxins, so it is just a little extra work load, not so cool. If you’ve never heard the thing chlorine and fluorine which could be anything you want to check.

Is it possible to drink too much water?

The good thing about water is that right, you end up peeing all that if you drink a lot. There were cases where people have tried to drink as much water as they could but they could not get up and use the bathroom for a contest and someone ended up dying or something like that but it is only if you can not pee outside. Which could very well be an urban legend as well. But no, you can not bold or something like that, as long as you have the ability to excrete then you really can not drink too much. It does not really have a negative impact on you.

The worst thing that will happen when you drink plenty of water you start to excrete a lot of sodium and then when you secrete you will look much drier and leaner. This is something I did when I participated in the latest bodybuilding shows you drink a ton of water and you secrete all that extra salt. If you excrete because it holds the water molecules as well and it gets nice tight drying in the appearance of your skin. You just stop drinking water all of a sudden and you’re dry as a OS. This is just for the contest, but you never want to stop-stop.

Speaking of which, how much sodium you take? The thing is just do not add stupid amounts adequate water to your food and drink and you do not need to worry about it. It definitely falls into the percentage of 80/20 things you need to worry when it comes to fat loss. Get your several meals a day, get adequate amounts of each nutrient, remove junk and everything else will follow the line. If you’re down below 10% fat and you want to start worrying amount milligrams or micrograms or some sodium and measure your water consumption and stuff like that because you go to step on scene well then that is a subject in itself.
Hope that helps some.

Weight Loss Basics – Eat to Live

In his book Mindfulnesswith respiration , Buddhadasa Bhikku rather famous Buddhist monk, at least in Theravada circles-had these very wise words about food: “We should eat foods that are food. Do not eat food that is “bait”. We eat food for proper nourishment of life. We eat bait in order to delight. Bait makes us reckless and leads us to eat mindlessly, like the bait on the hook that hangs stupid fish. We must eat the types of foods that are actually beneficial to the body, and that we need to consume in moderation. ”
This is probably the best statement about “Eat to live vs Live to eat” that I’ve ever met.

In the same book, he goes on to say: “eat the bait means eating for the sake of delight and pleasure. It is also generally expensive. We need to stop swallowing the bait and learn to eat only food that is good and beneficial.

“If you eat bait, you will be constantly hungry day and night. You will always be sneaking out to eat more bait. Eat the bait hinders our mental abilities. The mind makes the bait. ”

Live to eat

It is a sad testament to our Western culture, especially here in America, who live to eat is a predominant philosophy, if it is not a religion.

Most of us, background, know that. We know that the result is better than the fat-dripping chips. We know that green and rice is healthier for the body than fat, juicy (as in bloody) steak with baked potato (sour cream and balls).

Besides the fact that we could feed seven people with soybeans we feed the pig slaughtered will feed one person, which is only a bad economy, the human body does not work well on salty foods, fatty, rich cholesterol, high in calories. However, the daily menu for the majority of our citizens today.


In fact, it is so true that it is to ask: would there be a secret pact between fast food and medical industries? A pact that goes something like this:

Medical industry, “as long as you send them to us for a costly and inefficient process, we will expose not how terribly wrong in your food is done for them. ”

Industry Fast Food nodded: “Deal.”

This is not to say that such a plot is prepared; That is the only statistics, one is justified in questioning.

Pleasure and taste

For many, the battle comes down to taste and the pleasure it gives.

A whole day, we can go-if not a whole week with great anticipation and looking forward to a dinner-especially of course, who in the past has given us a lot of fun (enter your favorite food here). Calm voice trying to make out that this sumptuous meal, strictly speaking, is not at all good for us and that thereafter, we will wake up at night with heartburn and a bad conscience- possibly going all silent, and the day comes, we sit down to dig.

Long-term vs. short-term

This is perhaps the real pleasures are few and far between. It is certainly true that pleasure is far preferable to the pain. But it is also true that the long-term enjoyment, say a rejuvenated body that will allow you to twenty mile hike to the summit of Mont-so and so-and that the most fantastic sight and feel you have ever seen -is much stronger and far preferable to the pleasure of a meal indulging in short term.

But in the short term is much easier to deal with the longer term, and this is the crucial point. Work long-term enjoyment and survival, takes effort and time will power. Although we know that the benefits outweigh the short-term pleasure by a huge factor, we’d rather go with the hamburger in hand the long-term survival in the woods.

Eat to live

It takes less effort to start the car to walk. It requires less effort to turn the TV than reading a book. It requires less effort to drive that fast food cook a healthy meal.

It takes less effort to be unhealthy than healthy. It takes less effort not to live that lifestyle.

Living life fully is difficult. It takes dedication and will power. It takes knowing what fuel makes your body works best and to choose what fuel, no matter how much work is involved. Must adhere to this commitment every day of every week, month, year.
Eat to live, not a short term project, it is a philosophy and a way of life that ultimately brings much, much more happiness than those who do, that any amount of bait can ever.