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Hair Growth

After losing hair, treatment for rebuild and restore hair is now not much difficult as we see in the past. There are plenty of medicines, foam and shampoos that can help you in the process of hair growth. Medications might take longer time to recover your hair loss but foams and revitalizer’s can do it faster if done properly. These supplements used for the process of hair growth didn’t have any side effects.

  Some benefits of hair growth supplements:

  • These supplements for hair growth vastly benefits men’s.
  • Hair growth supplements have power to stop losing hair.
  • Hair growth supplements didn’t harm your existing hairs at all.
  • These supplements have power of thinning your hair.

Below there are some hair growth supplements. We offer free delivery and money back guarantee on all of our products in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan and all over in Pakistan.

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Rs 8,000PKR

Regrow your hair with Men's ROGAINE® Unscented Foam. Apply every day, twice a day, for results you may begin to see in as little as 3 months. ROGAINE® Real Results Program When you ..



Rs 9,000PKR

  The hair growth foams are being made by different brands and it is used for many purposes, that is, colouring, straightening and growing. If we talk about the hair loss, many people are str..

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